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Our training methodology has been crafted by one of the Industry’s leading InfoSec practitioners and consultants to incorporate the best of cybersecurity for better learning outcomes.

Simulation-based training approach

We take simulation as the foundation of teaching defensive and attacking skills by leveraging in-house Cyber Range, a hyper-realistic simulation lab powered by Purple Range, to teach participants how to fight real-life attacks in a controlled environment.

We are perhaps the only institution in India that offers Cyber Range as part of the training curriculum.

Skill-ready for multiple roles

We prepare participants for multiple roles by facilitating them with the diverse curriculum, expert trainers, and simulation lab. After completing the course, you get hired for VAPT, SOC, or Security operation roles.

Teaching best of cybersecurity

We teach multiple InfoSec technologies starting from the basics of networking to the most advanced technologies, including Splunk, CheckPoint, Arcsight, Wireshark, etc. This curriculum has been designed by Industry's top-rated consultants and practitioners.

Certified & experienced trainers

All our trainers have years of experience solving the most complicated cybersecurity issues. They have earned the necessary certifications and experience, thus making them capable to teach the best of technologies.

Real-life project experiences

Every program allows participants to engage in a hands-on internship program to sharpen their skills and also allow them to gain better Industry exposure around latest cybersecurity technologies and tools.

100% employment rate

All our previous batch students have been successfully placed at Industry's top-notch companies. Here is our Alumni page and also their appreciation for us.

We are trusted and loved by thousands of students and professionals

While building next-gen cybersecurity superheroes, we keep getting love and appreciation from everyone.


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Placement Rate

One of the best institute in banglore for cybersecurity. You get know everything about security from networking to actual lab.

Anni Kumari

Hired By QOS Technology

One of the best cyber security school in the world where if u are a novice the trainers will mould u in a way that u will be able to compete with the experienced counterparts in the corporate field. Highly recommendable.

Opinder Bhat

Hired By KPMG India

A great institute to start your cybersecurity journey with, they have a good lesson structure and patient teachers. Their course structure is aimed to deliver foundation and provide  understanding on the modules through their lessons.

Chitra Lakhsmi

Hired By Block Armour

Best place to gain knowledge in networking and Cyber Security and kick start your career. Institute provides good lab environment with real time hands-on experience with  advanced lab set ups.

Dimple Karun

Hired By Bosch India

Amazing place to learn, trainers are co-operative and labs are phenomenal!

Shubhhanshu Saini

Hired By KPMG India

It is very good institute to start your Career in cyber security , course content is really good you will learn lot of things related to security , during the course you will get real time environment exeprinece of each module. Overall it is worth to do this course to start your career cyber security.

Geetesh Vyas

Hired By QOS Technology

Purplesynapz is a great institute to start career in cybersecurity. The course structure is good to get an overall idea about SOC. Course is little bit expensive but worth to do.

Abhinash Biswal

Cyber Pro Student

Good place to set your first step. You will definitely find a job at the end of the course, as that is the sole focus. The firms that some of the trainees are placed into are pretty big too.

Loka Abhiram

Hired By QOS Technology

Excellent place to start your journey in cybersecurity and gain knowledge. Very supportive trainers and management team. Course structure is good.

Rishad Ahamed

Hired By QuikProto

Got trained on various modules and each module was unique. In spite of lockdown the virtual classes and virtual labs helped a lot in learning cyber security and in acquiring in demand skills. My gratitude to PurpleSynapz team.

Karan M

Hired By QOS Technology

Best place to learn cyber security as it offers courses from basic networking till the high end cyber bit training. Amazing lab setups and most encouraging trainers with full support. Best part is the purple module where most of the OWASP top 10 cyber attacks are covered.

Uday Kiran

Hired By KPMG

Best place to learn cybersecurity from scratch and management team encourages you in every aspect. If you want to begin your career in cybersecurity this is the best place.

Rajesh Bompelly

Hired By KPMG

Best place to get trained on cyber security. Advanced lab set ups, skilled and student friendly trainers, hands on experience in technologies that are being used in industry currently and a great atmosphere to learn.

Kiran KL

Hired By KPMG

It was great experience to learn with Purplesynapz. Purplesynapz is one of the best institutes. I have enjoyed the course.This is the right place to start and enter in the world of cybersecurity. The course is really well structured...

Neharika Razdan

Hired By ITC Infotech

Purplesynapz, indeed is a great institute to start your cybersecurity career. Their course structure is good and they have good set of trainers. I personally feel that Balaji and Prabhu are two of the best trainers the institute has, their way of explaining topics and clearing the doubts is great...

Sonu Kumar

Hired By KPMG

What more can I say after giving it a 5 star.. All I would say is you need a right person to guide you in the right direction and this here is the right place for right directions with a group of people to guide you the right way with the right knowledge.

Vivechan Anand

Hired By KPMG

I personally feel like purplesynapz is the best and the only place where you can get full knowledge on Cybersecurity from the scratch to the core... bcoz of the modules which are well structured and organised....

Challa Meghana

Hired By Capgemini

All the trainers are enthusiastic and really aware of what they are explaining. I learnt lot of new things from this. and there will be purple range classes where we will be doing the labs and experience real time feel. And finally I highly recommend this platform for cybersecurity domain.

Sagili Jayasree

Hired By QOS Technology

Best institute for cyber security with best trainers. The modules are designed from network basics to security analysing tools. If there is any issue for trainees the cordinator will respond immediately. If you choose career as cyber security PurpleSynapz is the best option.

Yagna Pulagam

Hired By QOS Technology

It is the finest institute in India for people looking to start their career in cybersecurity domain.Training here is of high quality and Purple Synapz institute have best trainers and are ready to help at any time.

Sai Kiran

Hired By QOS Technology

It is the finest institute in India for people looking to start their career in cybersecurity domain.Training here is of high quality and Purple Synapz institute have best trainers and are ready to help at any time.

Sai Kiran

Hired By QOS Technology

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