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futureof cybersecurity training is here.

PurpleSynapz™ have been privileged to provide a launchpad to thousands of students and professionals for their cybersecurity career and help them discover their true potential.

We equip students and working professionals with the right cybersecurity skills by facilitating them the modern curriculum, expert trainers, a world-class lab setup, and a hyper-realistic environment where they can learn by fighting real-life cybersecurity attacks.

We take simulation exercises as the fundamental approach to teach participants the latest methods of vulnerability exploitation and the use of modern tools and techniques to respond to attacks. Our lab offers a war-game environment that allows participants to play the role of both attacker and defender by executing real-life cyber attacks and options to mimic any modern infrastructure.

Our labs are capable of replicating any modern digital infrastructure and technologies, thus providing ample chances for participants to grow and innovate. The same is made possible by leveraging Purple Range™, a hyper-realistic simulation lab, which allows prototyping real-life security infrastructure and attacks.

We are the only institution in India that offers Cyber Range as part of the training curriculum. Every student undergoing training through any of the PurpleSynapz™ programs will get a better exposure to fighting cyber attacks than any other traditional training program.

Other than teaching the latest technologies, we have dedicated modules and range that allows participants to learn both Red Teaming and Blue Teaming skills in a simulated environment, thus ensuring a better understanding of the defensive and attacking mechanism.

Moreover, we have a strict admission policy in practice to allow only those who qualify for our entrance test. This has been one of the important factors for us to maintain a quality and 100% placement record.

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We bet onpassionto train and produce amazing talent

Since our incpetion, we always bet on passionate people who are impulsive in securing the world from the bad guys in the Internet.


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