purple range platform

Build skills through cyber warfare training

A hyper-realistic simulation platform that composes of a cyber range orchestrator, important third party tools, and necessary hardware - designed for modern teams to learn the best Infosec skills by fighting real-world cybersecurity attacks.


Discover the world of cybersecurity
in a single lab

A versatile platform for your team to learn red and blue skills

cyber range

Learn by fighting real-life attacks.

With 50+ inbuilt real-world attack scenarios, the range can be leveraged to launch a variety of realistic cyber attacks to test team readiness and approach.

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simulate any technology

Mimic any modern Digital
Infrastructure & integrate it into the cyber range orchestrator

Enabling teams to build better response capabilities by gaining exposure to attacks and technology beforehand.

built for the future

Redefine modern Infosec Training

Highly instrumental in shaping the future of infosec training.


Make your team security-savvy through interactive Infosec training

Leverage our most exciting, immersive, and fun-packed tool to improve your team readiness and response capabilities.

Build the right skills & experience

The range offers a unique and immersive attacking and defensive training experience for teams to learn new skills and knowledge, preparing them to withstand and defeat any cyber attack.

React against real-world cyber threats

With multiple inbuilt real-world attack scenarios, the range can be leveraged to launch avariety of realistic cyber attacks to testteam readiness and approach.

Mimic modern infrastructures

Purple Range is capable of mimicking modern infrastructures and attack, thus enabling participants to build better response capabilities.

Test your defense capabilities

With a variety of attacks and other scenarios, the organizations can test the resistance of their defense team by pushing it to its maximum capabilities.

Evaluate your Team’s readiness

The platform provides a clean scoring mechanism, making it easy for moderators/trainers to evaluate the performance of participants and judge their response aptness.

Build a Purple Mindset

The range establishes its foundation on a Purple Theme to allow participants to learn both red and blue skills, thus preparing them to build a resilient defense architecture while anticipating every move of a hacker.